Jobs in SEAM

The primary role of SEAM staff on the ground is communicating with and supporting present clients regularly and meeting new people seeking loans to start new businesses. They manage the day to day operation of SEAM.  The staff are required to keep accurate records for monthly Board audit.

Client Manager

This role is to introduce the Microfinance program to potential Clients, examine their business propositions and then recommend them to SEAM Board. They assist the Clients to understand and sign loan agreements, and then meet regularly with the Clients to encourage them in their microbusiness  and to coach them on ways to improve their enterprise.

Client Manager also seeks to encourage Client to set future goals, supervises their personal saving schemes, as well as assisting clients to join client support groups. They organise regular group meetings for further training and emotional support and counselling when necessary. 

Finance Manager

This is a part time employee whose role is to manage the finances and bank accounts. This person  works alongside the SEAM Client Manager maintaining Client financial records, which include releasing loans, recording all transactions, receiving repayments,  ensuring correct handling and recording of all receipts, organising banking arrangements,  including records of Client savings are deposited in the SEAM bank account under each client’s personal name.

The Financial Manager records each client’s loans, repayments and savings on a spreadsheet.  reports on ensuring that bank statements agree with the spreadsheet reports, and doing an analysis of the performance of each client for the month.  The prepared spreadsheet along with the bank statement is presented to the Board to the SEAM Board at the end of each month.